On the elementary power of jewellery oder Schmuck als Urgewalt

Einladung OTEPOJ_klein


Gisbert Stachs installation at the MaximiliansForum_Schaufenster shows examples of his „Baumketten/Tree-necklaces“, where he puts pearl necklaces around young tress. In the growth process the necklaces become overgrown and inseparably connected to the trees. Inside this „wood“ two video works are shown – „Sparkling Diamond“ by Gisbert Stach and „25km?“ by Pavel Prekop/Jana Minarikova. Both videos deal with the motiv of the archaic energy that is inherent in a piece of jewellery and its material.

During the exhibition Gisbert Stach and other artist invite to performances acting apart from conventionell conceps of jewellery.